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Trying to adopt 3rd party Forex applications or website service is difficult for Brokers as most of the time these services are not gets integrated with website. And simple task like updating website content or connecting with trading systems costs more money as well as time.

Our Web Integration solution helps brokers to integrate service easily and its completely under their control. With our solution, brokers can either design their own website or simply integrate their existing website with solution. Broker easily integrate other services directly into their website and make seamless connection without any loss of data.
For example, by using our web integration technology, brokers can access CRM solution as well as integrate their website CRM and trading platform with each other to reflect every change in website directly into the other 2 platforms which helps to save time of adding separate data in each platform for the single process.
Broker can also integrate their website with payment service to help their clients while doing transactions, so client will view the following options under his “MY Account” option:

We offer these 4 Web Integrations to our Clients

Trading Platform Integration

In this integration, we link your website services with Forex trading platforms such as MT4/MT5. You can connect your website with trading platform servers, receive data and act as manager via devices which are connected with the internet. Brokers can also update the settings via their account from any location

CRM Integration

Our client can add CRM into their website with this solution and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction as well as increase the productivity & revenue of business. This helps to monitor and manage all your customer data via you website only without switching the application or software back and forth.

Email Integration

As email is highly used data transmission medium in the business world, so we integrate your website with email service which is personalized, user friendly and have the capability to target interested customers to improve the leads. Also the incoming emails gets monitored immediately to provide quick response and maintain engagement rate.

Marketing Automation Integration

By integrating the marketing automation on your website, your sales & marketing team get access to all the information in one place as well as saves the lead generation time and productivity speed will also increase. Your team can also gather the automation trading data on same website to provide immediate respond to sales team.

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