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Prixim Global graphic design solutions offer a combination of technology and design skills to fetch your brand message into consumers' minds. Providing graphic design services, our team works closely with you to extract brand values and make a statement through graphics.

Graphic Design Solutions

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Logo Design & Branding

Providing top-quality logo design services at an affordable price is what we do best. The logos we design reflect the brand message best and are created by our highly creative logo design experts.

Social Media Design

Personalized Social Media design solutions from our skilled designers will increase your visibility on multiple social media platforms and strengthen the relationship between your brand and your customers.

Website UI & UX Design

Your Brand can win the hearts of many new & existing customers with our user-centric graphic design solutions. In order to boost your visitors' engagement, we create graphic designs that optimize the user experience.

Mobile App Design

With our mobile app designs, you can offer your customers a compelling platform that enhances the growth of your online business.

Presentation Design

Your typical presentation will look professional with the help of our creative presentation designers. To catch your audience's attention, we design visual illustrations, animations, infographics, motion graphics, and more.

E-book Design

A variety of elements can be added to professional e-books, including text, audio, images, and video. E-books created by our design experts can be viewed on web browsers, Kindles, iOS, Blackberries, Sony Readers, and more.

Benefits Of Graphic Design

Benefits of Graphic Design

Making your Brand and Website more appealing can be achieved with the help of a Graphic Designer.

With Graphic Design, your Business becomes more memorable and recognizable to customers, so they will keep coming back for more.

When you are trying to stand out from the competition, strong graphic design can make a world of difference. You can also communicate your brand more effectively, create a stronger brand image, and influence your customers and clients positively through an influential visual identity.

It is possible for businesses to connect with the emotions of their target audience through effective graphic design. A Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy using Graphic Design can also keep your customers informed.

Animation Agency

What can you do to keep and grow engagement with your Brand's online presence? Engage your audience more with animated videos than traditional posts by adding them to your content. Our Animation Services help you enhance your Brand's Web presence and make it more appealing.

Animation Services

Marketing & Strategy

2D Animation

2D Animation

Our Animators use computer adaptations of traditional techniques to create 2D characters and images. In addition to providing 2D services for movies, e-Learning courses, product demos, games, corporate presentations, website banners, animated logos, and simulations, we have extensive experience with 2D animation.

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3D Animation

3D Animation

The 3D Process at Prixim begins with polygons, which are used to create figures.For movies, games, product demonstrations, websites, television programs, or presentations, we can create 3D characters and images. We have animators who are adept at all types of 3D animation, such as skeletal animation, motion capture, crowd simulation, cel-shaded animation, and morphing targets.

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Visual Effects

Visual Effects Services

We provide affordable visual effects (VFX) services including compositing, animation, clean-up, motion tracking, and more. By choosing us, you won't be required to own expensive software or hire full-time professionals.

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Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation Services

Our Stop Motion Animations are suitable for many applications, including commercials, films, music videos, and advertising. As part of our stop motion animation services, we provide design, development, character creation and storyboarding, animation, voice recording, visual effects, and compositing.

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Product Animation

Product Animation Services

In order to promote or market products, we create detailed animations. A few of the services we provide include the creation of 3D product demos, product briefing animations, advertising animations, engineering animations, and machine line assembly animations, among others.

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Video Animation

Explainer Video Animation Services

With the help of our custom explainer video animations, we can help you better connect with your audience. There are many services we can provide, including how-to videos, animated ad films, architectural animation, medical animation, marketing animation, product animation, and corporate animation, among others.

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