MT4 and MT5 Plugins


As a broker service provider, we understand the requirements of each broker, therefore, we are providing the whole set of plugins to satisfy any brokerage firm’s needs. To work across the trading platforms such as MT4 & MT5, we have the platform independent plugins at an affordable prices. So Prixim Global is here to make your trading platform even more adaptable as per your requirements and business needs. The plugins that we provides, comes with the following functionality

  • Our plugins hedges all the net positions from one/multiple trading accounts or groups to another trading accounts by using very specific trading strategies with every information such as volume, price, margin and more.
  • It helps to customize the commissions depending upon the groups.
  • Helps to create accounts depending upon the copying strategies.
  • With the use of MetaTrader platform technology, our plugins also organizes the B-books management.
  • Helps to create and manage automatic dealing desk.
  • Make your platform more appealing to your trader by bridging the connection.

Check out the below listed Plugin from Prixim Global

Multi Level IB

It helps to increase the growth as well as potential of Introducing Broker businesses.

Leverage Switcher

It helps brokers to automate the management process to reduce time, resources required and risk.

Virtual Dealer

It helps broker to hold an order placed by trader for 1-5 seconds. Some brokers also used this plugin to create slippage.

Fix API Bridge

It helps to increase the growth as well as potential of Introducing Broker businesses


It eliminates the use of server-side plug-ins which helps to reduce overload of trade server

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