Forex Outsourcing Services

The term Forex refers to the exchange of one currency for another. International trade can be enabled by this process for a variety of reasons, including commercial and tourism purposes.

Trading Forex takes place on the forex market, which is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. It is used by banks, businesses, hedge funds, and retail traders. Because of the market forces of supply and demand, exchange rates fluctuate for almost all currencies.

Forex Outsourcing Services

Challenges Facing in Forex

It’s Time Consuming

It can be a long and laborious process to deal with forex if you've done it for some time. The amount of time and resources required to manage international payments manually is exponential.

It's Hard to Track

Payments for Forex Trading come from all over the world.The more your Business grows, the more time it takes to keep track of all these accounts manually.

Risks are too high

Global Markets and Currency Volatility can influence the foreign exchange rate. Foreign exchange and currency risk must be carefully considered by financial executives or they could lose significant time and money.

Over-the-counter (OTC)

What is OTC ?

OTC Trading is an option for companies that do not meet the requirements to list on a standard exchange such as the NYSE, but their securities may still be regulated by the SEC. Stocks, bonds, and derivatives, which are financial contracts based on underlying assets, such as commodities, can be traded over the counter.

Over The Counter Trading

The Risks of Over-the-Counter Trading


Lack of Reliable Data

Over-the-counter stocks have the disadvantage of being harder to find trustworthy information about than national exchange stocks.


Low Trading Volume

Low Trading Volume makes OTC stocks very illiquid. Due to this, divesting from these stocks can be difficult for investors.


High Bid-Ask Spreads

The Bid-Ask Spread is the difference between a buyer's maximum price and a seller's minimum price. Liquidity in the market can be measured with it.

What are The Benefits of OTC

Unlike Stock Exchanges, it facilitates the trading of Small Businesses.

Operational Leverage, Hedging, and Risk Transfer can all be accomplished using it.

Due to the fact that corporations are not bound by the same set of rules as exchange-traded derivatives, it can provide a much higher degree of flexibility.

Benefits of OTC

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With our Integrated Order Management, Advanced Execution, and Risk Management platform, you can automate all aspects of your trading workflow.

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Implement a fully Digitized Platform for customer collaboration, analytics, and price distribution, order management, and post-trade processes across sales and trading desks.



Our fully automated and flexible clearing, confirmation, and payment solution allows you to track and monitor your operations in real time.

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