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Payment Service Providers serve as a link between merchants and customers, helping businesses accept online payments through a variety of payment methods such as debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, and online Banking.

The Role of Payment Service Providers

  • When a customer enters their credit card information for an online transaction, the payment gateway receives a request for the payment.
  • In the next step, the customer's card details are verified and the balance in his account is checked. PSPs work with payment processors.
  • To Prevent Fraud, an OTP is used to confirm the transaction.
  • The PSP begins the process of transferring funds from the customer's account to the merchant's account once the above has been verified and found to be true.
  • The Merchant and Customer receive a confirmation message on the completion of the transaction.

Payment Methods
& Management

Outsourcing your credit management to Prixim will help you to reduce risk and ensure growth. We have consolidated our data and experience to benefit you.

Your commercial relationship with your national and international B2B customers can be consolidated, controlled and developed through the partnership with Prixim.

In order to develop your business in these newly emerging B2B channels, you should build a B2B payment strategy that aligns with your eCommerce, marketplace, and dropshipping requirements. Your vendor relationships will be secured and valuable if you provide full services to them (invoicing, dunning, credit insurance, ...) and if you provide your customers with a range of payment options.

When you combine human and digital contact with omnichannel collection strategies, you will reduce costs, increase cash collected, and improve brand loyalty.

It is possible to increase your customer lifetime value by adapting this strategy to B2B, to your specific market and customer target, and also to your usual client communications.
Payment Methods & Payment Management

Benefits of PSP

Seamless Payment

Seamless Payment Experience

Purchasing a PSP allows you to save a significant amount of money by combining these expenses into two types of fees: an initial setup fee as well as a monthly subscription fee.

Boosted Sales

Boosted Sales

The Benefits of PSP's are wide-ranging. A PSP can boost a business's sales, which is one of the benefits associated with them.

Multi-Currency Process

Allow Multi-Currency Processing

A PSP can also Benefit Businesses who are looking to expand internationally and accept payments in different currencies. A majority of PSPs offer secure and fast payment processing.

Payment Ecosystem

Provide a Secure Payment Ecosystem

PSP's provide Businesses with a secure channel for managing payments in an age of increasing cyber crime. All information received from a transaction is heavily encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer), allowing only the customers to access it.

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