Spot Billing And Meter Reading Services

Prixim Global provides utility spot billing to its clients around the world. Professional meter readers work closely with you to generate bills quickly and accurately using handheld technology. For many utility companies, our spot billing system is convenient, easy, and secure for capturing utility meter readings and generating bills on time. Our mobile & web applications enable us to deploy new processes within minutes, making the utility spot billing system faster, easier to manage, and more effective.

Spot Billing And Meter Reading

Services We Offer

Gas Meter Spot Billing Solution

Our gas billing management services are available to gas suppliers and distributors. We employ a team of manual meter readers to provide fast, accurate meter readings and on-site billing services.

Spot Billing for Water Meters

Water meter Spot Billing is our specialty. We provide fast and accurate meter readings that lead to prompt bill generation.

Utility Metering Services

Our Team of electricity meter readers offers energy billing management outsourcing. Get timely and accurate billing for energy meters with our spot billing solutions.

Services Benefits

Improves Distribution Companies' Billing Efficiency.

Reduce Revenue losses from Manual Billing Errors and Omissions.

Boosts the Productivity of employees in the billing and collection process.

Geomapping of Consumer Base is Automated

Improves Collection Efficiency for Distribution Companies

Improves Revenue Realization by reducing turnaround time for bill generation and distribution.

Benefits of Spot Billing

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