API Solutions


Prixim Global API solution helps brokers to improve online offering by automating their liquidity management. By using our API for trading, broker can execute internal as well as external processes easily and reduces the risk. Our API is configured to perform all types of electronic financial data transfers and transactions. It also helps brokers to execute more than one order at a time without facing any loss. Our API also offers access to real time prices, advance order execution as well as access to the Forex market.

Our API Functionality

Integrated Account Management

It helps broker to monitor and manage active orders, balance, margin, positions which are open and historical data.

Easy Compatibility

Broker can easily code under our API using any networking programming languages such as Python, VB.NET or C++ and more.

Trading Strategies

Brokers can perform any trade & range of orders against current market price using their own trading algorithm or platform.

Charts & Analysis

Our API solutions also provides historical trading data to perform technical analysis and make better strategies.

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