Business Process Outsourcing Solutions


Prixim Global has a fully loaded infrastructure that can accommodate hundreds of employees. We have divided our operational floor by the services we offer to our clients, so each team is separate and closely coordinated. The location of our company is very favourable due to its central location, good connectivity, resources, and facilities.

Infrastructure at Prixim Global

  • Desks with Entirely Automated Technology.
  • High Speed internet connectivity for Better Productivity.
  • Faster Speed and Larger Bandwidth with Multiple Leased
    Fiber Optic Cables.
  • Continuous Power Supply and Backup.
  • Data and Voice Security Protocols.
  • Dual System available to continue services and Internet Connectivity.


Power supply without interruptions and 100% power backup.

VPN Connectivity

Provide offshore support services in a secure manner.

Data Storage Devices

A high-volume data storage device for backup, recovery, and security.

Customised CRM

A Dialer-integrated CRM system that is fully customizable according to the outsource business project.


Our Commercial Firewall prevents unauthorized access to data and networks from private networks.

Data Connectivity

There are 2 main and 2 backup Internet leased lines, each with a capacity of 200 MBPS.

Department Isolation

We have separate departments for every service that we offer. In this way, team members can connect immediately & perform their work without interruption.


Our Advanced Technology servers enable us to securely store large amounts of data, and we also backup all our other servers with information and data.

Predictive Dialer

An automatic dialer that supports both inbound & outbound services. Dialers perform automatic call distribution & predictive dialing, which connects only human callers.

Infrastructure Management

We manage your infrastructure. Some of the services we provide include IT infrastructure management, data management, resource management, etc.

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