Choosing the Best Payment Service Provider for Forex Trading Platform

Starting up a new brokerage or expanding your existing firm? Payment Service Providers (PSPs) can be your secret sauce for success, making life easier for your clients when it comes to depositing funds. But, before you jump in, let’s know about a few things to keep in mind while picking the perfect PSP.

Who are they?

PSPs let you accept all sorts of payments: credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets like NETELLER and Skrill. They’re like your personal payment magicians, making both in-person and online transactions a breeze. Plus, they’re like these cool third-party aggregators, bundling all their clients into one merchant account, which is basically a bank account that sorts out payments for your business while waiting for your customers’ funds to come through.

We have to bear in mind numerous factors while choosing PSP.
Now, since PSPs take on the risk of fraud and chargebacks for all their clients, they might charge more than regular merchant acquirers. But, it’s a small price to pay for the convenience they offer, especially if you’re a small business or in a high-risk industry.
When it comes to handling deposits from traders on your online platform, it’s super important to make things as smooth as possible. So, have a chat with your software provider about what payment service providers (PSPs) you can easily hook up to your system.
You’ll find that many forex back office tools already come with built-in integrations with popular providers like Skrill and Neteller. This means adding new payment methods will be a piece of cake.
Now, if you’ve got clients from all over the globe, you might need to team up with more than one payment provider. Different regions have their favorites, after all! It’s all about making sure you’re working with a provider that accepts the payment methods your clients prefer.
Thankfully, your back office software should give you the flexibility to integrate with as many PSPs as you need. So, go ahead and make things easy breezy for your traders.

Accepts brokers with your type of regulation

Since forex trading comes with its fair share of risks, not all payment service providers (PSPs) are keen on working with forex brokers. Some PSPs prefer to work only with brokers who are licensed by regulatory authorities, while others may be open to collaborating with unlicensed brokers.

If you’re starting a new brokerage, it can be tricky to figure out which PSPs are willing to partner with you. One way to navigate this is by reaching out to your forex software provider for recommendations. They often have insights into PSPs that are more open to partnering.
While a reliable software provider can’t guarantee PSP approval, they can certainly offer valuable advice and even introduce you to contacts at various payment providers. These personal connections can go a long way in smoothing the approval process with a PSP.

Charges reasonable fees

PSPs (Payment Service Providers) usually charge a bit more for their services compared to merchant acquirers. When working with a PSP, you can expect to encounter two types of fees: one based on a percentage of your transactions and another as a flat fee per transaction.
Typically, the percentage fee for online transactions hovers around 3%, and the flat fee per transaction falls between $0.10 and $0.25. To manage these costs, you can adjust your pricing by adding a reasonable fee to each transaction, considering what it costs you to process them.
Remember, your clients are also looking for good deals, so you’ll want to keep your fees competitive. One way to do this is by applying to work with multiple PSPs. This allows you to compare rates and choose the provider that offers you the best deal.
At Prixim Global, we understand the significance of selecting the right Payment Service Provider (PSP) for your brokerage needs. Whether you’re just starting up or expanding your existing firm, choosing the perfect PSP can be a game-changer for your business success.
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